2015 New Years Resolutions from Social Media sites

In the spirit of 2015, below are 15 of some of the funniest New Year's resolutions from different Social Media sites. Enjoy!

1. I resolove to catch up on my resolutions for 2012, 2013 and 2014.

2. I resolve to lose just enough weight so that when I brush my teeth, my gut won't jiggle out of control.

3. To go to the gym once this year.

4. This year, every time a telemarketer calls me, I will hand the phone to my 4-year-old and tell him it's Santa.

5. To not spend money on food. I honestly might be rich by 2016.

6. I resolve to come up with a stronger Wi-Fi password than "baloney 1".

7. I resolve to stop lying to myself about sticking to any earth-shattering lifestyle changes I may make on New Year's Eve.

8. Since this year kicked my @$$ financially, I resolve to celebrate the arrival of the New Year as if it's $19.99.

9. To those who update their Facebook page every 30 seconds, this year, I will teach you why Twitter exists.

10. For my New Year's resolution, I will check my breathing more than my Facebook notifications.

11. My New Year's resolution is to not think that I'm above Autocorrect; I will not ignore it.

12. My New Year's resolution? Option A - lose weight. Option B Buy bigger jeans.

13. This year, I wish to have a fat bank account and a thin body. Let's just hope that the Gods don't mix these two up.

14. I resolve to stop asking dumb questions to Siri.

15. This year, I will not be making any resolutions. The task of making plans, criticizing it, and then finally cursing myself of making a promise is too much work.

Have a wonderful New Year!

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