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Are you ready Sellers? The Buyers are coming!

Spring is creeping on us pretty quickly this year and with Spring comes Real Estate Season!

The mortgage rates are low, the house prices are low and the buyers are getting their paperwork ready!

Listen up Sellers, don't underestimate the Buyers this year, although this may be a sellers market, the buyers are looking for a good deal and an overpriced home won't get too far this spring. According to Glen Gill, broker and owner at Landmark Properties in Sugar Land Texas, three things will sell a home: location, condition and price. Gill also states that a buyer will decide within 60 seconds of seeing a home if they want to consider buying it. "People know immediately something will fly, so you need to make sure you don't turn them off before they get in the door," says Gill. So, you get 60 seconds to make a good impression!

Start with a little curb appeal

If a potential buyer drives up to your home and it doesn't look somewhat appealing to them, you can be rest assured, that they will just keep on driving. Trim back your trees and bushes and add a few spring flowers with a bit of mulch. Make sure that you add the mulch in advance so that the smell fades off a bit before potential buyers swing by. Spend a little time pressure washing the driveway, front patio and walkway. While you are at it, give the front door a fresh coat of paint. Buyers do spend some time at the front door waiting for it to open. Give the windows a good cleaning, both inside and out, giving them a little shine!

Get Rid of the Clutter!

Take a good look at your furniture. Now, take a good look at your closets. Do you see all the clutter? Get rid of it. Now repeat that process again but this time come at it as if you were looking to buy this house. Buyers want space. If you have a stack of 20 sweat shirts in your closet, pack 18 of them and only leave two. This sort of clutter-removal system will allow the potential buyer to visualize all the room that they will need for their 20 sweat shirts. Look for any dark corners in your house, give them a coat of paint and remove and clutter. Try and brighten them up a bit.

Take note of the Smells

If you have pets, take note of the smells that they leave behind. Clean the carpets, open up the windows and air out the house, clean up the drapes and if you allow your pets on the furniture, wash the couch cushion covers. Light some candles in the bathrooms and kitchens these not only have a pleasant odor but make the house look "homey". Empty your trash and clean the trash cans.

Make the Repairs ahead of time

If you know that the sink needs to be repaired, get it fixed before a potential home buyer points it out to you. A buyer requesting repairs can end up costing you $500 for a $200 repair. If you are unaware of any repairs that need to be made to your home, hire a your own personal home inspector to take a look at the place before your house goes on the market, it will cost less to fix things in advance.

Hire a Real Estate Professional

Most buyers begin the search for their new dream home online. Hiring a real estate professional will ensure that you will have plenty of professional photos, virtual tours and lovely description placed online through multiple websites. They are also well adversed in the way of paperwork.

According to Bonnie Kyte, a Realtor with RE/MAX Choice in Fairfax, Va, "I prepare marketing materials immediately, and then when the home is ready, I blast out the materials on 86 websites and advertise the open house online and in print," Kyte says. "I encourage the sellers to market their home themselves, too, through an employee newsletter or their own social media."

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