CONTINUED ( A day in the life of a Realtor )

OK well you know by now I missed lunch (truth be told I can really afford to miss allot of lunches ) 1 pm came so quickly and directly followed by a call from the inspector on a pending home informing me of a small problem he found. (what's new) Now the rest of the afternoon has flown by while I make phone calls to the listing agent (leaving voice mails, he is busy too ) until we make contact and get a resolution to the problem. This can lead to the writing of addendum and of course that means chasing down the buyers and the sellers so signatures can be obtained.  Now this does not happen everyday and on the days I am not doing conflict resolution I am updated my BLOG (surprise! ) working on my web site and doing one last check of the MLS for my buyers. How in the world did it get to be 5PM? Is the day over? No way! I will continue until 8 or 9 PM from my home office checking and answering emails(wish I had taken that typing class!) . I do get calls at night and of course  I answer (not all buyers or sellers can call from work during the day.) The record so far is a call at 11:30 PM wanting me to show a home. (In case you are wondering, No I did not show the home then.) When things settle down and the phone is no longer ringing I get to relax and prepare for the next day when it all begins again!

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