How to Un-pack and enjoy pizza!

You have finally got yourself moved into the new home! Congratulations! To celebrate all your hard work you decide to order some pizza and relax before you begin to tackle themountain of boxes that you are surrounded with. BZZZZZ!! What in the world is that? Oh....the doorbell. Sounds totally different than the one in the old house that you becameso accustomed to. You grab your pizzas, tip the delivery guy and begin looking for the dining room table. Found it. Now where is the pizza cutter...and the plates...and thenapkins...Do I have any Parmesan cheese?...sigh.

An important tip to moving is to make sure that when you are packing, that you label each box accordingly. This way when you unload the truck you can look at the box, seewhich room that it goes into and take that box into the correct room right away. This should cut back on the size of the mountain of boxes in the living room. Start un-packingand put things away room-by-room. If you un-pack half of one room and then run to the next room and start un-packing in there, it will only be a matter of time before you seesomething shiny and move into another room and become completely overwhelmed. Stay in one room and git r done!

Begin by un-packing the kitchen, it is the most important room in the house and the busiest. Now, before you move into your new house you should have taken some time and pre-cleaned your kitchen, done some grocery shopping and lined your cabinets, so that when it is time to un-pack and put your dishes away, you can do this without having to head to Home Depot for liners first. Next, hook up all of your appliances, if you are anything like I am, you'll want that coffee pot hooked up pronto!

Move into the bathroom and set up the shower curtain and the towels. You'll want this room to be the next functioning room.

Now for the fun part, rearranging your furniture! As an idea, instead of trying to set everything up the way it was in your old space. Embrace the change that you have created foryourself and try something new with the furniture. Play the interior designer game, add some new colors,your own style and most importantly get creative and have fun!

Now you are ready to unpack the bedrooms. The hardest part of un-packing your bedroom is assembling the beds! Once you have assembled your bed move on to closetorganization before you un-pack your boxes.

The garage and patio should come last, these are the least used rooms in the house. Organize some space in the garage as you un-pack, this way you can keep the garagefunctional and know where everything is!

One of the most important tips when packing and un-packing is having an essentials box. This box should be the last one packed and the first box off of the truck. It shouldcontain everything that you need for the next few days. A few ideas of what should be in your essentials box is:

Toilet Paper
Dish Soup
Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc)
Coffee, creamer and sugar (if use them)
A plate, fork, knife and cup (one for each member of the family)
Important records (medical, passports, leases etc)
Garbage Bags
And most importantly...a pizza cutter!

Enjoy your new home and remember to embrace the change!

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