Moving with Pets

Moving to a new home can be a stressful time for family members, including your pets. Relocation can affect their routine, which can effect their well being. Fido experiences stress just like you do and can be sensitive to change, but there are a few things that you can do that will help make the transition a bit easier on your pets and yourself.

Your Pets "Stuff"

Pets have "stuff" just like we have "stuff". They have their toys, their beds and an occasional old sock or shoe that was once yours. When their stuff suddenly just "disappears", it can be a stressful thing for your pets. Their "stuff" is likely tied to their security, just like our "stuff" is connected to our security. When you are packing, leave their "stuff" for last and let them have their belongings for as long as you can hold out.

Modes of Transportation

Depending on where you are moving to, the way you get there could be something to take into consideration for your pet. If you are moving out of state, your road trip will be a little longer than if you are moving across town. If you plan on staying in a hotel, you will need to be sure to make the staff aware that you have pets. Many hotels are pet friendly, as your pets are less likely to get drunk and trash the place.

Doctor Visits

Before moving day, take your pet to the vet. Ask your vet about the important things you may need to know while traveling with your pet. If you plan on traveling long distances and you have a dog that gets motion sickness just by backing out of the driveway, you may need to ask your vet what you can do to make the trip a bit more comfortable for the little guy. If you are moving out of the city or state you may need to get your pets records for the new vet that you will have to seek out when you arrive at your new home. As a safety precaution make sure that your pets tags are up to date with your name and phone number just in case.

It's Moving Day!

Today is good day for Fido to visit the their house. Moving day can be quite busy and stressful, it may be best to send the pets away in an effort to keep them from getting out of the house and taking off...or biting the moving guy. If you don't have a place to send them to, consider keeping them in another room or in their crate while the moving trucks are getting loaded.

On the Road

Be sure to stock the car that is carrying your pets with enough food, water, needed medications and comfy blankets to keep your pets full and happy for the duration of the trip. Be prepared to stop often so that they can be walked and fed. If you are traveling with cats, you may want to consider bringing a litter box, let me correct WILL want to bring a litter box and some extra litter.

We have Arrived

Once you get to the new place check to see if the owners before you left any poisonous pest control chemicals or mouse traps laying around that could be hazardous to your pets. Unpack your pets toys and beds first, this way the have a "place" that they can feel safe and secure. Any changes that you make to your pets routine should be done after everything is unpacked and the house has quieted down. Make changes slowly...

You will not be able to eliminate stress altogether for your furry friends, but you can definitely help alleviate it. Happy traveling and congratulations on your new home!

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