Panhandle has a snow warning - What's happening?

When I heard that the Panhandle had a "snow warning", it makes you think what is going on - they say global warming, but it is more like global cooling. We live in Weeki Wachee, Hernando County, Florida and it is cold this morning.

My husband had plans to go to Daytona 500 with a friend from Long Island (that's where we were from). Of course, there was a snowstorm in Long Island and his flight was cancelled, but as they say "persistence pays off". He planted himself at Long Island McArthur Airport yesterday at noon and put himself on four stand-by flights to anywhere in Florida. His wife called me and said how far are you from Fort Meyers? I said about four hours; she said Ed doesn't care, if he gets on a flight, he'll rent a car. He was suppose to come into Tampa. Guess what? He got on the flight to Ft. Meyers, rented a car and got to our house at midnight last night. Then we get a "snow warning" for the northern part - he said "what's up, I thought I was in Florida?" He told his wife who is in Long Island that the temperature was in the low 40s, but she said come back home and complain. Of course, there is another storm hitting NY for Tuesday, when Ed has to go home. I told him that's not bad; stay here, at least it is better than being in a snowstorm. He agreed.

Stay warm and come to Florida - we really don't get snow; they just tease us.

We will always keep you posted.

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