Tips for Making your Move a Walk in the Park

Moving can be a stressful time for you and the family. Below are small steps that you can take that will make this time just a little bit easier.

Make a Checklist

Make a list of everything that needs to be done during the move. Include the packing order, turning on the utilities at the new house, turning off the utilities at the old house, packing the medications, pet information etc. Add things as you think of them during the upcoming months before moving day.


You will need lots of boxes. When you think you have collected enough, collect some more! Start collecting boxes months before moving day. I have found that liquor stores have great boxes for moving, they are sturdy and some have dividers that you can use for extra packing material. They are usually left right outside the stores front doortoo!


Once your boxes are packed, you will want to know what is in each box for the un-packing process. Use color identification and write it on your checklist so that you remember. For example, orange can be for the kitchen, blue for the master bedroom and green for the guest bathroom. Place the correct color sticker on each box and write what is in the box on the outside.

Travel Bag

Have each member of the family create a "Travel Bag". This bag will contain the things that they will need immediately, such as medications, basic toiletries, a change of clothes, a favorite stuffed toy,pet food etc. You do not want to get to your new home and rummage through boxes looking for a towel after a shower.


Any valuables that you have such as jewelry and antiques can be put in a box and placed deep within a pile of clothes and packed away. If you are staying in town or close to your bank you can have the bank hold them while you move.

By taking a little extra time and some planning ahead you can make moving day a breeze.

Good luck on your new adventures!

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