Tips for Relocating with Children

Although moving can be exciting, it can also be stressful time for the whole family, children included. Here are few quick ideas that can help make the relocation go a little smoother for the young ones.

1. Keep your children involved and excited about the new move. Have them pack up their rooms themselves. Purchase some colorful markers, boxes, stickers for them so that they can decorate their boxes and make it a fun craft project.

2. Have your children get familiar with the area that they will be moving to. Take a video and/or pictures of the new home and subdivision. Point out the places of interest such as parks, ice cream stores, movies theaters etc.

3. Make a "floor plan" with your children based on how they are going to decorate and arrange their new bedroom.

4. Throw a moving party. It can bring closure to the friendships that the children are leaving behind. Gift the children with an address book. This will give the children a chance to get phone numbers and address reminding them that just because they are moving, they can still keep in touch with their friends. Another fun gift is a tee shirt that all their friends can sign at the party.

5. If you have school age children, bring them with you when you register them for their new school. This gives them an opportunity to see the new school and get a "feel" for it.

Change can be scary for the little ones, make it as fun as you can.

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